Our Attorneys

Our environmental experience and expertise is built on twenty years of innovation and success in the three main areas of environmental law: litigation, permitting/compliance, and risk management. Our focus is on working with clients and, as appropriate, drawing on outside technical expertise, to solve and resolve complex and often cutting-edge environmental issues and liabilities to our clients’ benefit.

Temkin & Hardt LLP's experience in the environmental litigation arena is defined by extensive courtroom and trial experience, on the one hand, and extensive, practical experience with conflict resolution and settlement options and designs, on the other.  

Special Counsel

Temkin & Hardt LLP maintains a strategic alliance with the attorneys of Haddon Morgan and Foreman P.C. to focus on the litigation needs of natural resources companies, real estate developers and other businesses dealing with high-stakes environmental issues.  Our alliance allows each firm to share our collective pool of seasoned environmental and trial attorney’s to provide efficient, client-focused litigation and risk management teams. 

The alliance capitalizes on the unique strengths and expertise in each firm to create legal teams that can manage even the most complex litigation. With decades of experience in environmental law and trying cases, these teams will be well positioned to evaluate cases in their early stages to determine the best options for resolution outside the courtroom, while being prepared to try the case when necessary to achieve the most favorable results for the client.

Senior Counsel

Mark Wielga is senior counsel at Temkin & Hardt LLP and has over twenty-five years experience in litigation. He has represented clients in the pre-trial, trial and appeal stages in federal, state, bankruptcy and probate courts as well as arbitrations and regulatory hearings throughout the United States and around the world. He specializes in high stakes, complex cases representing businesses as both plaintiffs and defendants.