Our environmental experience and expertise is built on more than thirty years of innovation and success in the areas of litigation, risk management (including voluntary cleanup and transactional work), and compliance/permitting and enforcement. We draw on our knowledge and experience and, as appropriate, on outside technical expertise, to solve and resolve to our clients' benefit some of the most complex environmental issues and liabilities.

Natural Resources

Our lawyers collectively have several decades of experience assisting natural resource development companies succeed in their endeavors. Our practices have focused on mineral exploration and development, including solid minerals, oil and gas. We have expertise in all areas of project development, from initial acquisition of land positions, project permitting, environmental compliance, and ultimately through project closure and reclamation. Our years of experience provide us a comprehensive understanding of client needs and objectives. We serve our natural resource clients in a variety of roles, from counselor to litigator.


Our firm has handled lawsuits involving claims ranging up to several billion dollars. We have a particular expertise and reputation in jury and bench trials in complex, high-profile cases. We also have extensive experience in federal and state courts throughout the western United States and in numerous federal and state administrative tribunals.


Our attorneys have several decades of experience with water right and water supply acquisition, adjudication, and permitting, as well as right of way acquisition and protection for pipelines, reservoirs, treatment plants, roads, and other infrastructure needed for industrial, municipal, agricultural, and recreational uses. We regularly help clients to purchase, sell, and lease such supplies, and advocate in judicial and administrative proceedings to help clients use and protect those supplies. Our representation also frequently involves negotiating and litigating to acquire and protect rights of way for water and other infrastructure projects on federal, state and private lands.